Unique writing brush made out of Kazura

Hi, it’s Ayumi. I’ve been very busy as a writer but I’m happy to start writing an English blog again!
Today, I’d like to share about a unique writing brush in my region.


Kazura writing brush

Calligraphy is one of the arts in Japan. In calligraphy, we usually use a writing brush and charcoal ink. The writing brush is made out of animal hair, such as that made of goat and horse.
However, the writing brush that I’ll introduce today is made out of a plant called Kazura. This brush is highly appreciated by calligraphers because it can express distinctive lines.

What is Kazura?

Kazura is a kind of climbing plant, growing and wrapping around a tree. Kazura’s vine has rich fibers and it can be used as a brush tip by hitting and loosening.

The characteristics of Kazura writing brush

Kazura brush tip

The Kazura brush tip is harder than an ordinary brush. It absorbs a lot of charcoal ink but the line is easy to fade.

An old Kazura writing brush: my friend’s grandfather also used the Kazura writing brush.

Even calligraphers can’t control the moving of the brush tip. That’s why it’s said the Kazura writing brush provides them opportunities to learn a lot of things technically and mentally.

Calligraphy performance by Ayumi

It’s joking. No, it’s not joking lol.
I performed seriously but I’m not a professional calligrapher. Just in case I’ll tell you before you watch the video.

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