Japanese kitchen garden

Hi, it’s been a long time! This time, I’d like to share about my kitchen garden.

My kitchen garden

I’m growing summer vegetables in planters. On the other day, I harvested cucumbers.

cucumbers 1

Eating a cucumber whole with mayo is the best.


Harvesting every day.

These were all fresh and delicious.

A flog and a gecko

I found a fat flog in an olive tree. I saw him morning and evening on the same day, the same place.

fat flog

He was sitting in the same place all day long.

Every evening, geckos appear on the kitchen windows of my house. We’re looking forward to seeing them because they are so cute!
I like their dance. Their tail wiggles when they spot their favorite bugs!


The gecko has 2 eggs in her belly.


What’ll happen to my husband’s forehead?! lol Don’t pull his hair out, gecko!

My town

I was born and raised in a big city, but now I live in the countryside. I got used to living here and I love my place.The video below is the town I live in. I hope you enjoy the video.

My town May, 2020


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