Fireworks display in Japan

Long summer vacation was over! I’m relieved because I can concentrate on things what I have to do. During the summer vacation, I had to adjust my work schedule to my son. School started from today. I hope everything back to normal.

Fireworks festival in Japan

Fireworks display is a summer tradition in Japan. Here in Yukuhashi-City, the annual fireworks display was held on August 31, 2019, by Imagawa River.

My family was walking around to look for a good spot for watching fireworks. It was so crowded the pathway along the river, I could only see people’s back. Hahaha…, amazing!

In the end, we found a good spot, but it was on the slope and difficult to sit stable. There are some people tried to sit behind me, but they slid and kick my behind and left! lol, Of course, they apologized me before leaving. I didn’t mind it, because I knew sitting still was so difficult!

Here is the video of the fireworks that day. It was 30 minutes show but I edited it and shortened to 4 minutes. I hope you’ll enjoy the fireworks!

Fireworks festival 2019 in Japan


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